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We partner with and support, via added exposure, experiential content and events, online and APP promotion, news feeds, and more our Agency/Organizational page/partners, small and large local and international organizations who are committed to supporting the advancement and development of alternative energy solutions, products and new technology.


Gain Access & Share Your Value As an Agency Partner

Our Agency Partners provide the following for members & partners.

Partner Resources

Agency partners can list and share their resources with consumers (Eco Warriors) and energy partners who can benefit.

Green Campaigns

Many agencies have created initiatives that incentivize going green.  Share your initiatives here.

Funding Resources

In order to kick start much of the green transition, funding is now being offered from both private and public agencies.

Public/Private Partnerships

Government and the private sector must work together to speed up the transition to alternative energy.  Share your partnership details inside the portal.

Partner Support

Many agencies provide administrative, executive, production and labor support for companies who wish to go green or advance the transition to the green economy.  Share your support with members and partners.

Tax Inventives

There are many tax incentives for utilizing alternative energy and for companies who are lowering their carbon footprint etc.  Add your tax incentive information to our consumer and partner resource centers.

What Upgraded Partnership Means...

Inside The Agency

Agency Partners get to share their values with consumers and partners and gain valuable exposure from The Energy Portal.

Get Started Today

The Process Is Easy


Registering is simple.  Complete the simple form then select “Agency Partner” as your role in the portal.  (After registering you will be able to complete the “Enhanced” profile information as well.)


After registering, visit the Memberships page and choose the level of the Agency Partnership you want for your organization


Create Your Listing

Once you upgrade you will be given access to complete your Business (Agency) Listing where you can list complete organizational information, links, videos and more.  Partners can create and launch campaigns, landing pages and more…

You Ask We Answer

Some of the most frequently asked questions.  

Initial partnership and your Enhanced Profile are FREE.  Upgrading to a full Agency Listing however, requires a monthly or annual investment.  Visit our Memberships Page to learn more.

YES!  Basic Agency partners will have a fully accessible profile that can be seen by any member or partner.  Upgraded Agency Partners will be actively promoted throughout the portal including content integration, event listings, podcast promotion and more.

YES!  We offer a full integration package that includes a Landing page, an add package and more. Your organization will have full exposure throughout the portal.

YES!  With our “Corporate” membership solutions add on, we allow each employee or associate to have their own personal profile that is also linked to the parent Agency. This provides even greater exposure for the Agency Partner.