Consumers & employees can explore Sustainable Stories on their own.

The experience for individuals in the community can be best summed up as… ENGAGING!  Learn about the latest in tech, meet other Eco Warriors, join groups & forums, share tech, videos, listen to podcasts, take free classes and so much more.

The Energy Portal Sustainable Community

Build your online profile & begin connecting & learning

The Sustainable Community operates as a social community where members can build personal or employee profiles complete with all pertinent information, photos, videos, bios, social media links, web links, email & more.

Included in the community

When you sign up for membership, you join other energy enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and early adopters with whom you can socialize all while gaining access to the following immediately upon signing in:

  • Member Dashboard
  • Business & Personal Profile
  • Corporate Sub Accounts
  • Direct Messaging
  • Live Messaging
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Group Access
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Forum Access
  • Share, Comment & Like
  • Mentions
  • Activity Feeds
  • Site Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Earned Energy Credits

The profile page

Profile pages include standard items like the banner, profile picture, social media links, access to groups, forums, pictures, videos, posts and any other user generated content.  Extended profile features allow you to add additional company information like links to your company website, physical address, phone number and more.

Submit & post content

Members (Eco Warriors) and non TEP Pro Energy Partners, still have the ability create select content via your profile and be seen throughout the Renewable Community. 

Posted Content can and will be:  Shared on profiles, posted in groups, discussed in forums, shared via email & direct messaging and even tagged when posting.

  • Submit & Share Articles & Tech Insights
  • Share Photos
  • Share Videos
  • Share Updates on Your Wall

Public & private groups & forums

Groups and forums are essential components of our micro communities, providing a platform for connection, engagement, learning, support, and collaboration. They contribute to the vibrancy, diversity, and value of the Renewable Community.

  • Engagement & Interaction
  • Knowledge Sharing and Learning
  • Networking and Relationship Building
  • Support and Mentorship
  • Community-driven Content and Engagement:
  • Support Market Research and Feedback
  • Let Brands Know What You Think

Join Live streams in groups

Employees & members can join live video streams via ZOOM and they have access to video libraries from YouTube or Vimeo from Groups or Partners.

  • Attend Classes
  • Attend Meetings
  • Meet Partners
  • Watch Product demonstrations
  • Virtual Instructions
  • & more…

Member dashboard for easy access

Every member gets a custom dashboard that lets them access their profile, membership, affiliate page and all content they submit.  View & edit posts, videos, photos & more…


You can create & manage content directly from your Member Dashboard

Extended community features & content


Read and follow along. The Sustainable Stories Series is filled with sponsored and partner stories and insights.

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Featured energy news & media on energy investments, new tech, consumer trends and partner updates.

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