Create a Place to Engage & Collaborate

Build & launch your own collaborative & engaging micro social community.

Create a Place to Engage & Collaborate

Launch your own collaborative & engaging micro community

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An All Inclusive Social Media Platform

Picture a dedicated online community where your audience—be it clients, customers, members, or prospects—enjoys perpetual engagement with your company. Here, they seamlessly interact with your current and upcoming products or services. Within this space, they share ideas, experiences, testimonials, engage in forum discussions, and even form exclusive private groups. All of this is intricately woven around your brand, technology, products, or services.

How It Works

Building your very own micro-community is easy and FREE! 

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Micro Communties.

And how your alternative energy company can benefit!

Providing a space for your followers, clients and others to learn about and engage with your company can be effective. You don't need a million followers to have a successful micro-community.

Online communities work because they bring people together around shared interests and goals, providing a convenient, accessible, and diverse platform for engagement, support, and learning. They create environments where individuals can connect, share, and grow together, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

The Energy Portal is a platform that allows energy enthusiasts, energy entrepreneurs, companies and agencies the ability to create MICRO COMMUNITIES (public or private) where they are able to collaborate together.

The Energy Portal currently hosts The Renewable Community which acts as the parent community for our partners and their followers.  

What You Can Expect

The Energy Portal was established to be the premier online community for the alternative energy sector designed for hosting courses, The Renewable Podcast, dedicated forums, customized groups, tech news & insights and more. 

We have now transitioned to an interactive platform that is geared to educating partners on building their own communities, understanding the digital tools and resources at their disposal.

Having a successful micro community will be an essential part of launching your tech, increasing consumer buy-in and raising funds.  The following are just some of the ways we help you create the plan you need for your community to launch and be successful.

Community building insights & resources

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Inventive Ways To Build & Grow Your Community

The Sustainable Podcast (coming Dec 2023)

“Welcome to ‘The Sustainable Community Podcast,’ the podcast where we guide you through the art of creating thriving online communities for sustainable energy companies and entrepreneurs. In each episode, we’ll explore the step-by-step process, share success stories, and provide actionable insights to help you foster collaboration and innovation in the world of sustainable energy.”

This podcast aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging resource for energy companies and organizations of all sizes, and anyone interested in staying at the forefront of alternative energy technology. Each episode is designed to be informative, actionable, and relevant to the ever-changing digital landscape.

With a total focus on sustainable energy businesses and entrepreneurship, there will be many special episodes dedicated to The Energy Portal’s various micro communities.

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