Using the Power of Story to promote sustainability

Understanding the need for early adoption and buy-in from world citizens, The Energy portal combined the power of storytelling, community and DIY to create the “Sustainable Stories Series”. We tell stories that connect with and empower citizens to action and awareness.

Sustainable Success Stories and The Energy Portal

What is a sustainable story?

Narratives that make the transition to sustainable personal

The Sustainable Story Series showcases the impact clean energy and eco-friendly technologies have on communities and individuals.  Each Story is personal, as they share successes and challenges, include insightful articles, engaging videos, interviews with stake holders & experts, documentaries, eBooks, infographics and webinars.

Utilizing our DIY story builder, partners can craft a parent story that showcases their solutions and successes and then use one of our DIY amplify tools to enhance and engage continually.

Why tell a "Sustainable" story?

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to connect with customers on an emotional level, build trust and credibility, and ultimately create buy-in and early adoption.  It is vital that people know the true value of clean energy technology and what it really means economically, environmentally and even socially.

A Few Highlighted Reasons:

  • Rebranding and Reputation Management
  • Highlighting Innovation and Differentiation
  • Building Credibility and Trust
  • Engaging Stakeholders
  • Inspiring and Motivating Internal Teams
  • Demonstrating Impact
  • Educating and Raising Awareness
  • Building Investor Confidence

What happens when you tell your Sustainable" story?

  • Free story board to get started with instant help crafting a complete story
  • Free community tools like groups & forums to share your story
  • Free business listing for company engagement after viewing your story
  • Free DIY tools like case studies to improve your story
  • Free resources to help you empower your story
  • Access to experts who can help you create your Sustainable Success Strategy

Need help telling your story?

Want to tell your total story but not sure how to plan it all out? Let us help!

“Going Beyond The Story”

The “SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS STRATEGY” is a 7-step+1 program that goes beyond storytelling. We help you create an integrated, engaging story with insights, case studies, videos and more to keep visitors coming back.

Sustainable story categories

Our stories focus on the impact eco energy has or can have on the world.

Innovation and Technology

How major problems can be solved or have been solved.

Sustainability practices

How changes in behavior are improving conditions

Sustainability in Sports: How Major Leagues Are Being Eco-Friendly

Community and Collaboration

Public private partnerships or general citizen actions that are making a difference

Policy & Advocacy

How governments are paving the way locally and nationally

Market Trends

Helping our audience stay one step ahead based on consumer and industry movement

Why sustainable stories matter

Creating relevancy is an essential part of adoption to clean energy. We make the use and benefits of clean energy real in a variety of ways.


Building a true connection between the technology and the people who benefit directly & indirectly


Helping create awareness about the way this technology is truly benefiting society


As more technology floods the market, it will be imperative to know which products have the most value to the world.

Establishing Trust

The move to clean energy must involve trust. Letting go of the past is never easy and these stories will help.

What experts say about story telling

They found that, regardless of the content of the ad, the structure of that content predicted its success. “People are attracted to stories,” Quesenberry tells me, “because we’re social creatures and we relate to other people.”
by Harrison Monarth
Harvard Business Review
Storytelling is a strong business skill and when implemented effectively, it can boost a business in a number of ways, such as improving customer loyalty, creating a strong marketing strategy, increasing profit and so on.
By Sophie Thompson
Virtual Speech
That's right, using effective storytelling techniques can help you engage, inspire, and connect with your audience in a way that no amount of data or statistics ever could.
By Mattison Hofstedt

Can you tell your story?

Yes!  TEP Partners can create their own Stories utilizing our DIY Storyboard where it will be published for all to see and available via your company profile or business listing page and available in the story archives..

In addition, TEP seeks out featured “series stories” that showcase how clean or sustainable energy or practices have or are needed to improve the lives or conditions of citizens around the world.  We also want to tell the stories of those who have embraced sustainability and are using it to improve the lives of others.

Playground for creative people.

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