How the affluent are leading the way to sustainability!

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Helping the wealthy redefine living the “good life” while lowering their carbon footprint.

TEP LUX is a private campaign hosted by The Energy Portal and is dedicated to change makers & leaders.  We all have a role to play in moving the world towards sustainability but the affluent can do more than most. 

Campaign members participate in private groups and forums, access high end sustainable events, get access to discounted bespoke concierge services, product testing and so much more.

“Oxfam has estimated that the average carbon footprint of someone in the world’s richest 1% could be 175 times that of someone in the poorest 10%. Studies also show that the poor suffer the most from climate change.”

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Embrace Sustainability, Go Digital, Save Money!

We offer a comprehensive plan for integrating sustainability into your business & operations. The program offers practical steps, real-world examples & resources to help your businesses become more environmentally & socially responsible while reaping the financial benefits.