The 7 Step +1 Sustainable Success Strategy

"Going Beyond The Story"

This is a 7-step+1 program that goes beyond storytelling. We help you create an integrated, engaging story with insights, case studies, videos and more to keep visitors coming back.

The Sustainable Story.... Amplified

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool and by itself it can connect you with customers on an emotional level, build trust and credibility and create buy-in and early adoption.

Amplifying your story with supporting case studies, pitch decks, expert insights, 3rd party campaigns and innovative tech can make your story even more relevant and impactful.

The Sustainable Success Strategy program is designed to help you go beyond the story.  Once completed you will know…

  1. Understanding Effective Sustainability Narratives
  2. Identifying Key Stakeholders And Material Issues
  3. Crafting Your Storyboard
  4. Case Studies And Real-Life Examples
  5. Investor Pitch Decks
  6. Technical Reviews And Third-Party Validation
  7. Storytelling In Action
  8. +1 Keeping The Story Alive
The Energy Portal's Sustainable Success Strategy

A virtual & in-person program

Inside The 7 Step Program

Everything you need, and much more...

Understanding Sustainability Narratives

Introduction to Sustainability Storytelling
The Triple Bottom Line
Brand Narrative

Identifying Key Stakeholders and Material Issues

Stakeholder Mapping
Materiality Assessment

Crafting Your Storyboard

Storyboard Basics
Story Title Planning
Visual Elements

Case Studies and Real-Life Examples

Case Study Analysis
Case Study Techniques

Investor Pitch Decks

Pitch Deck Essentials
The Energy Portal Deck Tutorial

Technical Reviews and Third-Party Validation

Technical Details
Third-Party Validation
Sylvera's Approach

Storytelling in Action

Practice Your Pitch
Feedback and Refinement
Space Forge's Success

Keeping The Story Alive

Adding Insights
Using Contributors
New Content Planning

Sustainable Community Integration

Groups & Forum Synergy
Scheduled Posts
Multimedia Fillers

Marketing Basics

Self Promotion Of Story
3rd Party Social Strategies
SAAS Recommendations

Story Metrics

Visitor Engagement
Click Throughs & Response Rates

Effective CTAs

A/B Testing
Developing Offers
Inspiring Action

Sustainable Story elements & overview

The Energy Portal's Sustainable Success Strategy

Download The Deck

Want more details? Download or view the 7 Week Story Strategy deck. Loaded with details you need prior to your assessment.

Here’s how we apply StoryBrand principles to make it a “Sustainable Story”:

  1. Clear Purpose and Mission: Introduction & Values
  2. The Challenge or Problem: Context & Impact
  3. Innovative Solutions: Technology and Approach along with Implementation
  4. Implementation & Results: Quantitative Results and Qualitative Impact
  5. Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborative Efforts & Community Involvement
  6. Challenges and Learning Experiences: Obstacles Overcome & Lessons Learned
  7. Future Plans and Goals: Sustainability & Expansion
  8. Visual and Multimedia Elements: Images and Videos & Graphs and Charts
  9. Call to Action: Engagement & Support and Collaboration

By incorporating these elements, the story will be comprehensive, relatable, and impactful, effectively showcasing the success of your clean energy business.  Then with the use of case studies, insights etc and more, your Total Story is created and your connection with your audience will be amplified.

We have worked on our Smart Cities Project diligently for years and to now have the means to share our story to investors and stakeholders in such a complete manner virtually, is an amazing feeling.
Dave Garrison
Project Lead

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