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The Alternative Energy News & Resource Portal ( The definitive source for industry news, updates, product releases, company happenings, financing and more…

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News & Information

Gain access to curated news, blogs and information related to green, alternative and sustainable energy and technology across multiple sectors, topics and geographic regions.

Podcast Network

The Energy Portal podcast will launch this spring, but we also source feeds from some of today’s top clean and alternative energy podcasters from across the world.

Video & Streaming

TEPtv (powered by fliika) will launch as the world’s 1st streaming network dedicated to Alternative & Renewable Energy.  TEP also curates videos from existing platforms as well as accepts submissions from members.

Social Community

The Energy Portal has developed a “Facebook” style community embedded within the platform, which includes, personal profiles, a member dashboard, activity feeds, comments, connections, posts, group and forum participation, direct messaging and more…

Business Center

The Energy Portal’s Business Center highlights and promotes renewable and sustainable products, services and software solutions across all industries and sectors.


Browse events that promote clean or sustainable energy usage, products, technology or software. The Energy Portal promotes events that our members can benefit from throughout the year.

Jobs & Careers

The Jobs Portal is designed to allow our business partners, sponsors and advertisers to post jobs in the renewable, green and sustainable energy sector. Candidates can also post resumes which include skills, photos and even a promotional video to showcase themselves for potential employment.

Financial Center

The Energy Portal’s Financial Center has been created to provide access capital, funding, resources, stock information and other resources for both businesses and consumers within the clean and alternative energy space.

Product Marketplace

The Energy Portal Marketplace is designed to provide quick access to the latest and hottest green, renewable and sustainable consumer products. We want to make being green as easy as possible.

Resource Center

The Energy Portal has two resource centers (consumer and business) both focused on providing access to tools, services, information and more for those who wish to or who are already involved in the alternative energy industry. 

Technology Center

The Energy Portal’s Technology Center has been created to provide a showcase for new green tech, software and products.  It is our goal to promote and provide exposure for Portal Partners throughout the portal, the app and more.

Influencers & Affiliates

We identify and engage influencers through multiple industry-leading platforms to act as affiliates for our brand and for leveraging their followers to expand product sales, exposing new technology and more.

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