10 Most Impressive Ongoing Renewable Energy Projects in Africa

Renewable energy in Africa – 10 Most Impressive Ongoing Renewable Energy Projects in Africa. Africa has an abundance of renewable energy resources that, with the correct investment, could position it as a worldwide leader in the global green energy transition. As a growing continent both in number and in economic growth, the African continent is witnessing an accelerated rate of development. The African continent, like the rest of the world, is the latest player to jump on the renewable energy bandwagon. Enriched with a bounty of unlimited natural resources, the second-largest continent on the planet is finally approaching a self-awareness of its infinite wealth of natural treasury.
Africa is seeing an increase in renewable energy ventures as the continent moves into a post-pandemic period and global investors shift their attention to clean energy projects. Several large-scale projects have already come online or been launched in 2021, solidifying Africa’s status as a renewable energy contender.
Our video today, will present the 10 most outstanding green energy projects which took off last year across Africa.

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