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Go Strictly Digital &
Get Eco Certified

A comprehensive plan for integrating sustainability into your business and operations. The program offers practical steps, real-world examples, and resources to help your businesses become more environmentally and socially responsible and reap the financial benefits for doing so.

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Greening Your Business
Program Outline

We have created a direct advocacy program that includes: direct consulting, an online course platform that will outline and instruct on how to green your business, your office and your operations and a corresponding ebook supported by a library of greening insights.

Green Business Advocacy:

Your energy advocate will create a multi week campaign on Greening Your Business. We will work with staff, management and vendors on a variety of different procedures and policies and daily routines you can adapt to expedite the process of going green and work with your operations team on long term solutions.  This will also include several weeks of follow up there after including a checklist of milestones, achievements and rewards.

Advocacy Focus:

We help you implement sustainable strategies in the workplace such as:

  1. Using renewable energy
  2. Waste reduction programs
  3. Remote work

We provide classes and course that help you engage and educate employees. 

We can help you incorporate sustainability into:

  1. Job descriptions and evaluations,
  2. Adopting green procurement policies, and 
  3. Incentive programs that can boost employee morale and productivity while benefiting the environment.

A online program dedicated to helping you utilize digital marketing to significantly contribute to making your business more sustainable. We help you leverage technology and online platforms to reduce environmental impact, enhance efficiency, and promote eco-friendly practices. (*program provided in conjunction with r4media)

Besides going Strictly Digital, you can make your marketing greener by using eco-friendly materials for printed materials and promote sustainability throughout your brand. You can also partner with local green organizations to connect with environmentally-conscious consumers.

We need green transportation and fleet policies to reduce emissions. These policies promote:

  1. Eco-friendly vehicles
  2. Add EV charging stations to encourage hybrid and electric vehicle use
  3. Public transit
  4. Walking, and cycling
  5. Fuel consumption can be reduced through efficient vehicle choices, maintenance, and driver training.
  6. Collaboration between other companies can also be beneficial
  1. Reduce energy consumption by turning off lights and electronics when not in use. 
  2. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances.
  3. Implement a recycling program for paper, plastic, glass, and other materials.
  4. Encourage employees to carpool, bike, or use public transportation to reduce carbon emissions from commuting. 
  5. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and non-toxic pest control methods. 
  6. Reduce water usage by fixing leaks and installing low-flow faucets and toilets. 
  7. Consider using renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. 
  8. Purchase products and supplies made from sustainable materials and use eco-friendly packaging. 
  9. Set up teleconferencing and remote work options to reduce travel emissions. 
  10. Purchase carbon offsets to offset greenhouse gas emissions produced by your company’s activities. 
  11. Greening your marketing & inner office communications by going Strictly Digital! 
  12. For larger investments things like EV Charging Stations can be installed.

Program Benefits Include:

Greening benefits businesses by improving sustainability, saving money, and boosting brand reputation. Working with a Green Consultant or Advocate can help you assess the various areas you can improve or engage in.  Taking your marketing and operations Strictly Digital can save on costs and be more effective and efficient.  In addition. governments are offering a variety of Resources including tax incentives and rebates to promote the transition.  Finally, The Energy Portal will soon offer Classes & Courses to help your company and its employees get Eco Certified.

Cost Savings

Tax Incentives & Rebates

Enhanced Reputation

Regulatory Compliance

Innovation and Competitiveness

Employee Engagement

eBook: "Greening Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Practices"

We also help you capitalize on the consumer benefits of going green and each employee will be given an eBook, “The guide to greening your business”,  free version, and a guide to greening your business extended version once the program is completed.  Our eBook on greening your business will provide readers with a comprehensive guide to integrating sustainability into their business operations. It will offer practical steps, real-world examples, and resources to help businesses become more environmentally and socially responsible.

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Greening Your Business Certification
& Online eCourse

Upon Completion, your business will be receive the TEP GREEN CERTIFICATION and will be promoted throughout The Energy Portal as our newest green business so that energy enthusiasts can support you when making buying decisions.

Eco certification benefits companies by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental practices that can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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