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*Primary Fee Structure is based on referral payments from providers.

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"We are tech experts and our solutions are second to none, but we are not marketers and finding a firm we can trust to bring our solutions to market is absolutely needed."

Theo James

"I have a great idea for a new wind solution, but I had no idea where to start. I look forward to working with a wind expert to help me get started."

Emilia Munro

"Having access to a variety of green energy experts from a wide range of fields is an invaluable resource that I know will mean a lot to our growth."

Branden Griffiths

Here to answer your questions

Should you have additional questions not listed here, please feel free to request more information.

There is no charge for our consultations and there is no charge for our direct advocacy services.  

The Energy Advocate will work until a suitable solution is found or they have exhausted all options, wherein they will suggest an alternative method should one exist.

All arrangements will be made between the partner and the provider.  The Energy Portal will only act as a liaison to help review and agreements, terms etc to ensure you get the biggest ROI and/or best service.

Absolutely.  The Energy Advocate Directory will have full profiles, bios, skill-sets etc.  But if that still leads you unsure, we are happy to help match you with the best Advocate available.

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Rachel Haldims


10 years experience

Ms. Haldims has more than 10 years of electric battery experience including design, development and testing. Her current role as lead marketing agent for Timlso Energy has been integral in her career and now as a leading consultant, Ms. Haldims is...

Becoming an energy advocate

Each advocate is vetted and goes through an extensive review process before they create their Advocacy Profile on The Energy Portal.  Their expertise, qualifications and skills are then listed so that Partner Businesses can select the Advocate/s that best suits their needs or they can ask for a match-up, wherein our staff will match you with the best available Advocate.

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