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The Energy Portal is a collection and a collaboration of and between all things alternative, green, sustainable and renewable.  It is our goal to facilitate the flow of information within the alternative energy space to help ensure a smooth transition into a better and greener future.  

We have created a global platform that will allow us to act as a conduit between those already committed to going green and those seeking to learn more and begin their journey or those simply seeking to gain a better understanding.

We partner with knowledgeable contributors, agencies, organizations and even government entities to provide a range of factual information and news.

Value To Our Subscribers...

The Energy Portal is the single source for all things alternative, green, sustainable and renewable.

Value To Our Partners:

The Energy Portal’s objective is to be the worlds most comprehensive alternative energy platform.  The platform provides sponsors, advertisers and investors with a range of data and analytical tools to monitor the direction of the clean energy industry. Our model includes a variety of interactive tools that will provide real time and period data from individuals, companies and organizations. 

Our Values


A Passion for The Environment

The world can not sustain itself with its current utilization of fossil fuels, consumption and waste. A passion for the environment requires a push and a commitment towards green and alternative energy.


Collaboration with our partners

The Energy Portal is and will always be foremost a resource for environmentalists, energy professionals, green and sustainable product & software developers and more. We will work to promote and bring awareness to the ensure a smooth transition to a greener future.


Staying Relevant

It is critical in the fast paced environment of clean energy, that The Energy Portal remain relevant and current. Our curators, podcasters, writers etc, will all be tasked with the responsibility to always be current.

Expert Team

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help bring green & alternative energy news, resources, products and more to the world.

our Advocates

Our advocates are experts in fields ranging from operations, marketing, software development, and more. We’re here to help our business partners shine as we all work to improve our environment.

Leadership Team

The Energy Portal is lead by a collective of professionals across 4 industries (marketing & branding, software & AI, product development & crypto & blockchain) with more than 50 years of relevant experience.

Development & Content Partners


ready to change the world? Let's get there, together.

The Energy Portal is positioned to be the premier platform for all things alternative & renewable energy related.  With the proper investment of time, resources, capital and development, we will be an irreplaceable data source for all of our partners and across the industry.  Consumers and energy businesses will be able to rely on us for their news, information and resources.  Governments will be able to utilize our analytical tools as they expand their public private partnerships and increase incentivizing clean energy usage and adoption. 

We will help to ensure there is the consumer buy-in & analytics, early adoption and general education that is critical for the world’s transition towards alternative energy & going green.

Writers , bloggers, Educators, Podcasters & vLoggers


Green Advocates

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