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Agrivoltaics combines agriculture and solar energy production to utilize land that may not be suitable for farming. Solar panels are placed on stilts above crop rows, providing shade during hot months and generating renewable energy. This practice significantly increases crop yields and maintains soil quality, offering a sustainable way to produce both food and energy concurrently. The concept addresses both environmental and economic issues faced by farmers and the energy industry, and is gaining popularity.

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The Energy Portal, as one of its primary mandates, will promote any and all green products and software that we feel will benefit the planet and help the world achieve net zero status in production, manufacturing and computing.


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Sharing your technology and knowledge publicly can foster innovation and collaboration, which could lead to solutions for complex environmental issues. Additionally, making green technologies more accessible and affordable can encourage widespread adoption and reduce reliance on unsustainable practices. By sharing your advancements publicly, green companies can also promote transparency and accountability, allowing consumers and stakeholders to make informed decisions about their environmental impact. Ultimately, sharing green technology with the public is crucial in creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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Electa Motors is introducing an exciting new line of electric vehicles that won’t require plug-in recharging. The 2022 E4 uses a revolutionary recharging technology we call “LoopGen” charging. 

GreenTek is strategically aligned with a cutting-edge thermal energy storage technology that captures and stores wasted thermal energy, which can be released to produce thermal energy and electricity. Drawing on years of expertise in applied thermodynamics, energy management and climate control, innovation, design conception, and the production of a Synthetic Phase Change Material (SPCM) this proven technology is a testament to optimal performance over a long period of time.

JéGo is taking a significant step forward in combating climate change by assisting in making the benefits of EVs more accessible to all Americans through the establishment of a nationwide network of EV charging stations targeted at traditionally underserved communities.

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