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Built as an interactive alternative energy and climate focused platform that was created to inform, educate and empower eco friendly consumers and businesses…

The Energy Portal is community based and loaded with the tools that will empower like minded world citizens, businesses, organizations, governments and more who wish to learn, promote and improve our use and understanding of alternative and renewable energy and products. 

The Energy Portal is the definitive source for news, DIY tools and features, financial information, podcasts, videos, events, resource links, an online social community and much more all focused on alternative and renewable energy.


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What's Inside

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News & Information

Global curated content about all things alt-energy and sustainability…

Podcast Network

Access to feeds from today’s top clean and alternative energy podcasters…


Browse virtual and in-person industry events for sustainable energy, products, and tech…

Social Community

Join our ‘Facebook-style’ platform, which includes member profiles, feeds, groups, forums, DMs, and more…

Business Center

Search & list renewable and sustainable energy products, services, and tech…

Resource Center

Access business and consumer-focused resources and services that support the alternative energy industry…

Technology Center

A showcase of new green technologies…

Financial Center

Access to funding and resources in the alternative and renewable energy sector…

Do It Yourself

Learn how to go green with tips like starting an aquaponic garden, going solar or wind-based, and other environmentally-friendly projects…

Video & Streaming

Streaming Starts Spring 2023

TEPtv (powered by fliika) is the world’s first streaming network dedicated to alternative and renewable energy. Find content from TEP, other platforms, and TEP members…

Jobs & Careers

Coming Spring 2023

Advertise and post job openings. Find top talent by browsing candidate profiles, resumes, portfolio skills, and promotional videos.

Product Marketplace

Coming Summer 2023

Quickly access the hottest green, renewable, and sustainable consumer products…

Influencers & Creators

Our affiliate program helps you find influencers that will introduce your products and services to their audience…

Calculators & Quizzes

Take action by calculating your carbon footprint along with small challenges about your knowledge of clean energy and other climate friendly products (coming soon)…

Create Your Own

An interactive solution that will help motivated members and partners create their very own online campaigns & initiatives…

Student Center

Start your own community, online or on campus campaign. Create Groups or Suggest a TEP Forum to start a discussion and so much more…


Share & Create

Individuals (Eco-Warriors) & environmentalists now have a true platform that is solely dedicated to learning about, sharing in and promoting all things green, renewable and sustainable.  


Promote & Grow

Businesses (Energy Partners), product developers & content providers now have a place that is committed to helping you spread the word and expand your reach.

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