Frequently Asked Partner Questions

Most frequent questions and answers by Energy Partners

Can Anyone Be An Energy Partner?

NO! Energy Partner memberships are designed for companies and agencies who are actively involved in the clean, green or alternative energy sector.  

Can We Contribute To The Portal?

YES!  All Energy Partners have the ability to submit content for review, promote Tech Products & Software and more.

Does It Cost To Upgrade?

YES!  Upgrading provides each business partner with greater access and exposure which will lead to increased sales, greater awareness and more.  Your ROI will be significant with any of our upgraded Partner Levels.

Can We Cancel Anytime?

YES!  You can cancel anytime within your current billing period and your membership will automatically default to the FREE partner level.  You can also downgrade should you have a membership that provides more than you currently need.

Can Our Employees Also Have Profiles?

YES! Energy Partners at all levels are granted Sub Accounts and Linked Profiles for employees.  Sub accounts allow for secondary listings that can be used to highlight other divisions, franchises or sister companies.  Linked profiles allow employees to link their personal profiles to the parent profile and promote the parent listing/s.

Can We Add Custom Content To Our Listings?

YES! Energy Partner listings already provide a detailed look at our partners companies but since each company is different, their may be added details you wish to include.  In these cases, please submit a ticket and we will happily work with you to customize your listing as needed.

Can Employee Profiles Be Customized?

NO! We do allow for added details for our Energy Partner profiles (we call it Extended Listing Info), but all other information will have to be included within your Energy Partner Listing.

Is There A Refund Policy?

YES!  We provide a substantial grace period for all Energy Partner Memberships, however, once billing starts, every partner has an additional 14 days to request a full refund for any payments made towards their membersip.