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Spring 2024

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Clean Energy

The definitive source for news, DIY tools and features, financial information, podcasts, videos, events, resource links, and online social community.

Let The


Let The

Embarking on the journey to understanding clean energy is a deeply personal and transformative experience, marked by curiosity, discovery, and a growing awareness of the interconnectedness between energy, the environment, and human well-being.  Understanding available technologies like wind, solar, EVs, geo thermal, and more, not to mention, the role AI plays in all of this is something a lot of us want to know

The Energy Portal will help you on that journey.

Inside The Energy Portal?

Content Rich

The Energy Portal News Feed is carefully curated to provide news and topics from reliable sources and industry leaders from across the web and the globe. 

Community Driven

A dedicated online community where your audience—be it clients, customers, members, or prospects—enjoys perpetual engagement with your company.

Global Presence

As the world transitions, its is important that each country promote its efforts and inform its citizenry about their efforts and investments in green and alternative energy technology.

Resource Filled

The community has variety of links to tax rebates & business incentives as well as a list of digital solutions, financial & investment funds and ways you can improve your marketing.


TEP promotes a series of courses, campaigns & initiatives that promote direct actions to engage in green energy or learn more about it.


Elements such as badges, points, rewards, challenges, and leaderboards add a fun and competitive aspect to the TEP user experience. Earn Energy Credits that will soon be redeemable for crypto!