• Private: Advocates
    The parent group for all Energy Advocates
  • Aquaponics
    A group dedicated to improving the knowledge of¬†Aquaponics, a food production system that couples aquaculture with the hydroponics…
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  • DIY Forum
    Forum discussions about anything Do It Yourself.  Share best practices, Ask questions, start a sub forum for a specific topic.
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  • A forum dedicated to companies and organizations who wish to be more sustainable and want to share what has and hasn’t worked as well as…
  • New Tech Nation
    A place to inquire about and share all the latest and upcoming tech dedicated to climate change and green energy…
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  • Student Projects
    A group designed for students who wish to make the world greener.
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  • UMI Energy Insecurity Initiative
    Welcome to the UMI Energy Insecurity Initiative, where we're dedicated to tackling energy insecurity head-on. In this online group,…
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