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The TEP Partner Services is your centralized hub for accessing direct services, consultations, funding help & government resources.

As a resource partner for clean energy companies, agencies and organizations, the energy portal understands the need for updated and new effective branding which includes website, development, marketing materials, collateral, social media, presence, etc. so we’ve partnered with some very successful agencies that will help you improve your brand.

Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy

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Messaging & Copy

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The Power Of Your Brand

You have created or conceived an amazing green technology and now you need to create the brand image, collateral and messaging that helps your project gain an audience, get buy-in and possibly secure funding.

Building public awareness, acceptance, and support for your clean energy company or project is crucial for a successful launch or investment. You may encounter challenges in communicating the benefits of your clean energy tech, addressing misconceptions or skepticism, and engaging diverse stakeholders, including communities, businesses, and funding organizations.

The Energy Portal with the help of one of our Energy Advocates, will help you create a successful marketing and branding strategy that effectively communicates your company’s unique value proposition, resonates with its target audience, and ultimately drives desired actions or behaviors.


Once your presence is now improved & established online and via social media with the ability to create additional awareness via several out-reaching platforms and systems.

Connect with enthusiasts, curious browsers, clients and customers efficiently via the various platforms and social media channels and effectively engage with them now that you have the proper messaging, copy and branding.

You end up with an effective strategy, brand identity and online presence that helps your clean energy company, project or campaign stand out from the crowd and have a real chance at success.

Our online platform is committed to catalyzing business development within the clean energy sector. We provide comprehensive planning, consulting and strategic guidance tailored to empower companies in navigating the dynamic landscape of sustainable energy.


Helping you understand where you are so that we can help you get where you want to go.


Figuring out the next move to help you reach your goals is an essential step to success.


Creating your final marketing & business plan gives you the guidebook you need to become sustainable.

Product and Service Development

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Market Research and Analysis

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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Creating The Plan

The current market condition for the average new clean energy venture is one of both promise and complexity. On one hand, there is a growing global awareness and urgency surrounding environmental sustainability, driving increased demand for clean energy solutions. Governments, corporations, and consumers are increasingly prioritizing renewable energy sources to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. This heightened interest has created opportunities for new clean energy ventures to enter the market and offer innovative technologies and services.

A new clean energy company faces a myriad of challenges in its business development journey. From securing substantial initial capital and navigating complex regulatory landscapes to competing against established players and fostering consumer adoption, the path to success is fraught with hurdles. Additionally, recruiting top talent, accessing financing, and overcoming supply chain constraints further compound the challenges. 

Despite these challenges, the clean energy market presents significant growth opportunities for innovative and resilient ventures. Those able to navigate the complexities of the industry, differentiate themselves through technological innovation, and build strategic partnerships stand poised to succeed in driving the transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

Energy Portal Advocates will help you along this path to success.



The proper plan and strategy will prepare your venture for an ever growing and changing market and clean energy business landscape.


Your venture will be ready to engage with potential industry partners, suppliers and distributors. Moreover, customers will be ready to learn about, purchase and use your products.

Tangible Results

You end up with an implementable business strategy, product launch and sales process that helps your clean energy company, project or campaign begin to earn revenues, hire staff and grow.

Our platform is your gateway to accessing vital funding links and expert consulting services specifically curated for clean energy companies. Whether you’re seeking financial support or strategic guidance, our platform is dedicated to fueling the success and sustainability of your clean energy business.


TEP provides direct links to available funding sources


Read VC, crowdfunding and government funding insights


Financial planning, projections, market strategy & more

VC Matching


Angel Investors

Government Grants

Accelerator Programs and Incubators

Government Loans and Loan Guarantees

Impact Investors and Socially Responsible Funds

Corporate Investments and Partnerships

Find Needed Funding

The current condition of clean energy companies and clean energy start-ups vary widely, but some common conditions include: High Upfront Capital Costs, Dependence on Government Incentives, Limited Access to Financing, Market Volatility and Uncertainty and more.

The current condition also defines the challenge.  How do we access the needed funds to develop a prototype, begin manufacturing, secure distribution, market our solution or grow beyond the seed stage?

Energy Portal Advocates will assist by helping you address financial challenges, leverage innovative business models, and capitalizing on market opportunities.  Clean energy startups can position themselves for long-term success in driving the transition to a more sustainable energy future.


Research Opportunities

Funding sources and funding opportunities are listed and available via TEP for Partners and Energy Advocates will actively work to identify funding sources who are directly interested in YOUR project.

Connected To Funding Sources

Your Energy Advocate and TEP will connect you to venture capital firms, private equity investors, government grants and incentives, impact investors, corporate partnerships, crowdfunding platforms, and debt financing options.

Build Relationships

TEP will help your clean energy business actively engage with investors by promoting networking events, hosting & promoting industry conferences, creating online pitch competitions, allowing you to create online campaigns via our DIY center and even set up and one-on-one meetings.

Discover a myriad of tax breaks and incentives available to green energy companies and individuals embracing eco-friendly practices. Uncover how these incentives can drive sustainability efforts while maximizing financial returns, paving the way for a greener future.

Tax Rebates & Incentive Links

This insight contains our current list of tax incentive and government program (*U.S. only). We are actively working to expand this list globally.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

We don’t protect the environment on our own. We work with businesses, non-profit organizations, and state and local governments through dozens of partnerships.

Take Advantage Of Available Resources

Clean energy startups are generally aware of the various tax incentives and rebates available to support their ventures, although the level of awareness may vary depending on factors such as the startup’s size, sector, and geographical location.

Despite the availability of tax incentives and rebates, some clean energy startups may face challenges in fully leveraging these incentives due to factors such as complex eligibility criteria, administrative burdens, lack of awareness, and limited resources for navigating the tax landscape. Startups may benefit from proactive education, outreach, and support from industry associations, government agencies, and tax professionals to enhance their awareness and access to available incentives.

Energy Portal Advocates will ensure Clean Energy Partners stay informed about available incentives,  Startups & growth companies can strategically incorporate them into their business plans and financing strategies to enhance their competitiveness and accelerate their growth in the clean energy sector.


Research Opportunities

Tax incentives, rebates and similar opportunities are listed and available via TEP for Partners and Energy Advocates will actively work to identify additional sources or changes to current policies that may directly effect or benefit in YOUR clean energy company.

Connected To Tax Resources

Your Energy Advocate and TEP will connect you to available Federal Tax Incentives, Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits, State and Local Incentives and Utility-Specific Programs.


TEP provides direct access to an array of insights that help educate clean energy partners of the variety of tax incentives that are available. We also provide access to any available webinars, classes, 3rd party sites or platforms that provide similar information.

Govt. & Agency

We provide information and resource insights and links from a variety of governments and agencies. These resources provide access to many of the tax savings, incentives, investments and other that these agencies provide for green and alternative energy businesses like yours.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

We don’t protect the environment on our own. We work with businesses, non-profit organizations, and state and local governments through dozens of partnerships.