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Why Partner?

Picture revitalizing (or simply expanding) your online presence in just 30 days or less, while also crafting your own micro community to engage with clean energy enthusiasts, energy investors, and fellow clean energy companies.

Becoming a TEP PRO energy partner will give you access to a variety of benefits.  Partners enjoy added exposure, the ability to gather consumer information and feedback, share content, sell products, host podcasts and vlogs, post jobs, share events, get a free assessment and even raise funds.

"Getting buy-in and early adoption from citizens around the world is a major hurdle the world must overcome if we are to transition effectively to clean energy!"

“exposure, engagement & advocacy ”

The Challenge

Building public awareness, acceptance, and support for clean energy initiatives is crucial for successful implementation. Governments may encounter challenges in communicating the benefits of clean energy, addressing misconceptions or skepticism, and engaging diverse stakeholders, including communities, businesses, and civil society organizations.

The Opportunity
Overall, participating in The Energy Portal offers energy partners and providers the opportunity to enhance their brand visibility, build relationships, access targeted audiences, gain market insights, and drive business growth while contributing to the advancement of clean energy adoption and sustainability goals.
By aligning our objectives with your over-all marketing strategy, we aim to achieve measurable results for your business:
  • Create a proven strategy
  • Increase engagement
  • Boost awareness
  • Implement Collaboration
  • Build metrics
The Strategy
Our DWY (done with you) approach combines the latest tactics in Digital Marketing to reach partner and participant Co.'s target audience and drive results.

The "done with you" marketing and promotional campaign for our clean energy partners and participants is a collaborative approach where we work closely with partners to plan, execute, and optimize marketing and promotional activities aimed at promoting your clean energy solutions, campaigns products, or services. Our "done with you" approach involves active participation and involvement from both TEP advocates and our partners throughout the process.

Company Exposure

All partners get an enhanced social media styled profile where they can share things like their logo, website, about us, social media links, phone number and more. 

Upgraded partners get a complete and separate business listing that includes all of the above and more.  Listings are searchable and provide more details including product features, insights, videos, podcasts, location map and more.

Partners have the opportunity to share or contribute content throughout TEP, such as articles & insights, new tech, blog posts, case studies, classes or webinars. Sponsored content is labeled as such to distinguish it from regular community-generated content while providing partners with exposure to the community’s audience.

Select partner organizations or individuals are highlighted via integrated content, featured graphics, highlighted profiles and listings and podcast interviews within TEP. We also use multimedia formats such as videos, podcasts, or live streams to showcase partners’ expertise, initiatives, and contributions to the community during special events.

We have created a dedicated section within TEP to showcase partner organizations and agencies prominently. This section includes partner profiles, logos, descriptions, and links to their technology, white papers, case studies, websites or social media channels, allowing community members to learn more about the partners and their offerings.

Beyond the collaborations we encourage our partners to seek out with members and other partners, we encourage partners to actively engage with community members through discussions, forums, and group chats. Partners can share insights, answer questions, and provide value-added contributions that demonstrate their expertise and build credibility within the community.

Member Access

Member access for partners is designed to provide tailored benefits and support to foster meaningful partnerships, collaboration, and mutual success within The Energy Portal’s ecosystem. By offering valuable resources and opportunities, TEP aims to create a vibrant and dynamic community where partners can thrive, contribute, and achieve their marketing, sales or research goals.

Community engagement for TEP partners is essential for fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and relationship building among TEP members. By actively participating and contributing to the community, partners can maximize the value of their membership, expand their networks, and achieve their objectives within the context of the larger community ecosystem and their overall marketing, sales & research goals.

Partners contribute valuable content such as articles, blog posts, campaigns, case studies, or multimedia materials that provide value to other members and contribute to The Energy Portals goals of promoting the world’s shift to clean energy.

Data Access*

Provide demographic information, such as age, gender, income, education and location, as well as customer behaviors and interests. By knowing our members profile, partners can better understand how to target their audience and tailor their marketing efforts to meet their needs.

In addition to demographic information, our member personas include details about member behaviors and interests. This include information about clicks, shares, buying habits, social media use, hobbies and other clean energy interests. Understanding these behaviors and interests will help partners better target their marketing efforts and create more effective campaigns.

By incorporating gamification techniques, such as points, badges, levels, challenges, and rewards, TEP incentivizes members to take specific actions, such as participating in discussions, contributing content, attending events, or completing specific tasks like taking surveys and more.

By leveraging gamification features effectively, TEP Partners can enhance their engagement with the community, drive brand awareness, and foster meaningful connections with their target audience.

Funding Opportunities*

TEP creates dedicated crowdfunding campaigns within the community to showcase energy partners’ projects, initiatives, or products that require funding. Partners can set fundraising goals, provide project details, and offer rewards or incentives to community members who contribute to the campaign.

TEPs Venture Capital matching program is a private program offered to select partners.  A TEP Advocate will work with the funder to identify companies and projects that meet their preset guidelines, walk them through a list of qualifying questions then submit their information to the VC.

Along with working with VCs we encourage private investors who have interest in clean energy companies to join TEP.  If interest is shown, investors can seek out a relationship with the company of interest.

TEP actively seeks to provide partners with available grants, state, local and national funds that are available for energy partners in a variety of disciplines.  These are typically provides by governments but many large foundations are also getting more heavily involved in clean energy funding.

(note: partnering is free, HOWEVER not all benefits come with the free partnership.
Items marked with an * require an upgraded partnership or participation in select initiatives)

Portal Exposure

Energy Partners get featured throughout the site including inside the tech and software sections, business listing, enhanced profiles.

Community Integration

Share with members, post in groups, create forums, share content, add products and more all inside the TEP Community.

Job Resources

Post jobs in the renewable, green and sustainable energy sector. Candidates can also post resumes which include skills, photos and even a promotional video to showcase themselves for potential employment.

Funding Resources

Gain access capital, funding, (VC, Crowd & Investor) for both businesses within the clean and alternative energy sectors.

Marketplace Access

Quickly access, list and promote the hottest green, renewable, and sustainable consumer products…

Content Sharing

Share content throughout the portal. This includes writing submissions, videos, podcasts and your current tech products and software.

Data Access

Analyzing data related to how members and partners interact and react to content and the other interactive features contained within the portal.

Green Assessment

From your Energy Index to assessing your Going Green goals or just your overall carbon footprint, TEP Advocates can help you achieve your green objectives.

Event Sharing

Share events that promote clean or sustainable energy usage, products, technology or software.

TEP Member Persona

A demographic snapshot.