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The Energy Portal Consumer  data modeling involves analyzing data related to how members and partners interact and react to content and the other interactive features contained within the portal. Early adoption and consumer buy in of your energy products & technology requires understanding and identifying patterns and trends.

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The modeling process typically involves creating statistical models that can predict future energy usage patterns based on consumer interactions, as well as identifying factors that correlate with higher or lower acceptance or adoption.

This information can be used by businesses and policy makers to make informed decisions about product development, release dates and investments in new clean energy technologies, and the development of policies to encourage the adoption of clean energy.

Featured Partner Data Solutions:

  • Data Dashboard For Top Level Graphs & Model
  • Downloadable & Exportable Data
  • Industry Specific Data
  • Partner Initiated Campaigns
  • Class & Course Data
  • Post/Article Interaction Data
  • Quiz & Survey Data

Period Data:

Period data refers to the information and corresponding models that are created over a set period of time. 

An example of this would be the way users respond to a new technology today vs what those same consumers and other are saying 6,12, or even 24 months from now….

Real Time Data:

Real Time Data refers to the information and responses captured immediately after a web or APP event. 

An example of this would be the creation of an online quiz or survey campaign asking about replacing your current vehicle with an EV or Hybrid…