How To Make inexpensive Hydroponic System and start Hydroponics Garden At home 2021

Hydroponics farm is growing plants without soil, in this video I am showing you step by step how to make DIY homemade Hydroponics Grow Kit Planting Sites Garden Plant System Vegetable Tool, I’m showing easy design and how to start hydroponics garden. and how to mix the nutrients fertilizer and how to choose water pump, Subscribe for more videos:    / @diygardenwithbb  

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Hello and welcome to DIY & Garden Today I’m going to show you How to build an inexpensive, space-saving Hydroponic system In this video you will learn How to start a Hydroponic garden From building the system to prepare the nutrient solutions, and How to choose the right water pump Let’s get started Note: for this system, I am using UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride). Start with connecting the sockets to the pipes You don’t have to use glue, instead insert the sockets fully inside Use a hammer to get push them fully inside/ A few knocks with a hammer will do the job. Using the drill, male holes on top of the pipe The distance between one hole and another is 20 cm And 10 cm from the end of the pipe to the first 2 holes drill all the pipe, the size of the holes is 55 mm next connect the reducers to the pipes, except one side of any tube Insert it well to avoid leakage Now connect to the End cap to the socket (the one we left it) , you need 10 cm of 4” PVC pipe to join them that will be the first pipe to receive water from the reservoir (the inlet) you need (l0 cm of 4” PVC pipe) to join the End Cap with the socket Now make a small hole on the top (the inlet) Now we finish the grow pipes/ well ! we’re done with the grow tubes You need: 8 Pcs 4” S/steel U pipe clip 16 pcs 6 mm PVC WALL-PLUG 16 PCS TAPPING SCREW 8 PCS 4’’ S/STEEL U PIPE CLIP I highly recommend to use the S/steel clip, don’t use the PVC U clip, easy to tear and break 8 mm drill bit Safety Equipment Work Gloves Eye protection I will fix this system on the wall in my backyard You choose the place that suits you, balcony, porch, sidewall depends on your space Measure 4.5 feet from the ground and put a mark Screw one side of the U clip Now place the first grow pipe (with the inlet) Using the level ruler make little slope Repeat the same process, fix the other side of the tube Measure and cut 3 pieces of 55 mm PVC pipe each 1 ft. And cut another 7 pieces each 10 cm After that connect the 55 mm ELBOW, then followed by the 1 ft. long pipe In the Same way complete the installation of the other tubes If you have someone to help you, will be better If you are doing the work alone, try to find something to support the pipes Now the system is ready to use. Use tap water to test the system and wash it off Make sure that the water is flowing well into the pipes and there are no leaks Et Voila our system is done and ready to use How to prepare hydroponic solutions Fill your reservoir with tap water Add the plants nutrition Add a few drops of pH down most hydroponic gardeners use liquid or dry fertilizers Liquid fertilizers are often easier to use because they are easy to measure and don’t require much mixing Slowly adjust the pH until the meter readings are within the target range Any pH up and pH down products should always be handled with caution (Avoid skin contact) Stir the reservoir by hand or use a pump to circulate the nutrient solution to disperse the concentrated fertilizer after each addition Measure the pH after reaching the target EC. Add fertilizer in small increments to avoid over fertilizing. Check the EC after adding fertilizer and continue adding small amounts of fertilizer until the target EC is reached My target is between 1.5-2.0 Water pump Water pump specification: Voltage: 220-240V Power: 45W Max flow Rate: 2500 L/H Max lift Height: 2.5 M Outlet: 16mm / 19mm Size in mm (L*W*H) (110*75*120) Place the suction cups help keep it in place, so you can stick on This pump coming with 2 outlet 16mm/19mm I’m not going to use them I’m going to replace it with 20 mm PVC Connector I recommend a pump with the outlet on top, easy for you to connect it to the pipes It needs some adjustment An Adjustable knob to control the water flow rate, so you can get just the amount of water pressure you want. Place Place the pump and Stick the suction cups With 20 mm PVC pipe connect the pump to the tubes. thanks for watching

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