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Swiss approve law boosting renewable energy generation

The Swiss government wants to use a new climate bill to boost wind and solar power’s current miniscule contribution to ...
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Tripling the US Bioeconomy: The Billion-Ton Report

Tripling the US Bioeconomy: The Billion-Ton Report’s Blueprint for Sustainable Biomass by Clarence Oxford Los Angeles CA (SPX) Mar 21, ...
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Inexpensive, carbon-neutral biofuels are finally possible

For biofuels to compete with petroleum, biorefinery operations must be designed to better utilize lignin. Lignin is one of the main components of plant cell ...
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Transforming CO2 into green fuel with innovative sunlight-powered catalyst

Transforming CO2 into green fuel with innovative sunlight-powered catalyst by Sophie Jenkins London, UK (SPX) Mar 28, 2024 In a ...
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Trade Commission says solar imports from Southeast Asia are harming domestic manufacturers

There is a reasonable indication that the U.S. solar panel manufacturing industry is materially injured by imports of silicon solar cells and panels from Cambodia, ...
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K2 Systems expands US manufacturing with new solar mount

K2 Systems remains committed to expanding its product line to support the solar industry’s transition to increased domestic production.
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NYSERDA offering $5 million for agrivoltaic demo projects

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority today announced $5 million is now available for demonstration projects that co-locate solar siting and agricultural ...
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What’s on the horizon for the global clean energy landscape?

The overall outlook on renewable energy growth globally is highly positive, driven by technological advancements, policy support, and increasing economic viability.
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What Is Clean Energy?

Clean energy is energy that comes from renewable, zero emission sources that do not pollute the atmosphere when used, as well as energy saved by ...
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Biden commits $7B to low-income solar, expands climate corps on Earth Day

Jameson Dow | Apr 22 2024 – 1:37 pm PT President Biden is marking Earth Day by announcing $7 billion in grants ...
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