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Israeli Women — & Tech — Connect African Villages To Water, Electricity

In places with no electrical power, and thus no means for refrigerating medicine or food, or for turning on the ...
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Researchers seek to make solar energy and agricultural production more compatible with agrivoltaics

Photovoltaic systems, commonly known as solar power or solar panel arrays, play an important role in meeting these growing energy requirements, but the installations are ...
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South America’s largest floating solar farm is now paired with hydropower

South America’s largest floating solar farm is now online, and it’s paired with hydropower, which boosts energy reliability and production. ...
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How to Install An Off-Grid Solar Power System

A small solar array can provide convenient power to a remote location, like our greenhouse. It will reduce your carbon footprint. And you can even ...
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World’s first home hydrogen battery powers an average home for two days

The Australian company LAVO has developed a hydrogen storage system for domestic solar systems. It is the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines ...
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Georgia gives US solar panel manufacturing a big boost with a new factory

Seoul-headquartered PV solar-cell manufacturing giant Q Cells today announced that it’s opening a new solar panel manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia.
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Towards more efficient, non-toxic, and flexible thin-film solar cells

In a new study, researchers from Ritsumeikan University, Japan, have now developed an eco-friendly method that eliminates the use of toxic cadmium in the production ...
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Renewable power is set to break another global record in 2022 despite higher costs and supply chain bottlenecks

New capacity for generating electricity from solar, wind and other renewables increased to a record level worldwide in 2021 and will grow further this year ...
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Solar Power + Salt Storage Project in South America Back on Track

Cerro Dominador had been gathering dust on the plains of Chile’s Atacama Desert for more than two years after former co-owner Abengoa SA got into ...
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Microgrid demo to lend a helping hand in India

Credit: Vaclav Volrab, Shutterstock A group of energy specialists supported by the EU-funded IELECTRIX project has built a smart grid ...
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