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AMSL Aero developing world’s first hydrogen vertical lift-off plane

Australian aerospace startup AMSL Aero (AMSL) has received $5.43 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to develop a ...
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Harnessing the Power of the Crowd: Crowdfunding for Your Green Technology Startup

Introduction Starting a green technology venture is an admirable and impactful endeavor. However, securing the necessary funds to bring your ...
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World’s first home hydrogen battery powers an average home for two days

The Australian company LAVO has developed a hydrogen storage system for domestic solar systems. It is the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines ...
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Ultrathin fuel cell uses the body

BIO FUEL Ultrathin fuel cell uses the body’s own sugar to generate electricity by Jennifer Chu for MIT News Boston ...
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The Five Biggest New Energy Trends In 2022

Today, nearly everyone accepts that in order to slow the damage we are doing to our planet and environment, humans must transition away from the ...
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Towards more efficient, non-toxic, and flexible thin-film solar cells

In a new study, researchers from Ritsumeikan University, Japan, have now developed an eco-friendly method that eliminates the use of toxic cadmium in the production ...
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How electric vehicles could fix the grid

Transportation is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, accounting for about a third of all emissions. We could quickly ...
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Researchers now able to predict battery lifetimes with machine learning

Argonne researchers have used machine learning models to make predictions of battery cycle life for a wide range of different ...
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8 Benefits Of Renewable Tension Fabric Structures

Tension structures, also known as tensile fabric structures, are architecturally inventive forms of construction art that allow designers and end-users ...
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