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EPA proposes strict limits on tailpipe emissions to speed up electric vehicle transition

William Brangham: The effort to transition to electric cars is already under way in this country. And almost all automakers ...
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World’s first home hydrogen battery powers an average home for two days

The Australian company LAVO has developed a hydrogen storage system for domestic solar systems. It is the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines ...
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How a cognitive bias is blocking the rise of electric cars

In a recent study, a team from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) investigated the cognitive factors that still dissuade many people from switching to electric ...
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Aquaponics “How To” – Part 2 Grow Beds and Fish Tanks

Sizing your fish tank defines the ultimate size and flexibility of your aquaponics system, so consider the size early in your design process. 
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Powering the moon: Researchers design microgrid for future lunar base

Sandia National Laboratories is an organization well known for designing reliable and resilient microgrids for military bases and vital city services. Now, Sandia researchers are ...
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Government data reveals regional inequality in fuel poverty

The latest government publication of fuel poverty data highlighter major regional disparities in fuel poor households in England.
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Oil demand predicted to peak by 2025

With countries having to deal with an energy crunch that is getting worse as the war in Ukraine continues, analysts have predicted that peak oil ...
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New price cap brings 50% increase in PCW activity

  With the new price cap taking effect, thousands of customers searched for cheaper energy deals last month. A new ...
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