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SBA 504 Green Loan: Everything You Need To Know (2021)
Small businesses looking to grow their business can qualify for commercial real estate loans under SBA 504′s Green Loan program. The SBA 504 Green Loan offers up to $5.5 million in financing per project from the SBA.

Businesses can secure multiple SBA 504 Green Loans, each with the maximum of $5.5 million…

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Funding & Financing Green Projects
Organizations across the board from brick and mortar, fully remote to international companies may be interested in funding green projects. Your options include grants, loans, lending platforms, and even the Climate Pledge Fund.

In this Green Business Bureau article, we give a brief introduction to green funding and financing options that are available.

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Green Recovery Fund To Power US Climate Transition
The U.S. private sector faces the twin challenges of recovering from the devastating effects of the pandemic and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

The fund will cater to the diverse financial needs of small businesses by offering financial support in the form of green grants, green loans, and green bonds.

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Funding For Eco-Friendly Businesses: The Top Options
With the effects of global warming ramping up—including rising sea levels, vanishing wildlife and their habitats, and increased precipitation and severe weather patterns—it’s imperative that businesses retain social responsibility in their operations and key decision-making.

Several federal agencies sponsor grant and loan programs designed especially to provide green businesses with the funding they need.

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