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Introduction & Elevator Pitch
“By 2040, nearly half of the world’s energy will come from low-carbon sources.

The opportunities The Energy Portal provides are immense. We liken it to becoming “The Bloomberg” of the Alternative Energy industry. When add-ons like our financial trading solutions along with “The Green Behavior Platform” & “The Energy Index” are considered, this opportunity becomes even more robust as we are poised to provide direct data that businesses and even world governments can rely on as they move towards greener economies.
Project Overview
  •  As the single source of alternative energy information and AI driven data modeling and reporting, TEP provides a unique opportunity for investors to position themselves in the forefront of this bourgeoning industry. We can truly become the ”Bloomberg” of the alternative energy market!
  • With the current fragmentation, there’s no dominant channel to reach this audience. Those seeking real time and period data, curated information and video content can find it all inside TEP. Subscribers will have the ability to utilize the “Green Behavior Platform” to make informed development, marketing and research decisions.
Market Overview
  • The global clean energy market is experiencing rapid growth and increasing adoption due to environmental concerns, government initiatives, and advancements in technology.
  • Clean energy companies and entrepreneurs are seeking platforms to network, collaborate, and showcase their innovations to a wider audience.
  • The demand for clean energy solutions is driven by the need to address climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and transition to sustainable energy sources.
  • Traditional industries are also increasingly investing in clean energy technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and meet regulatory requirements.
Market Opportunity
  • The growing demand for clean energy solutions presents a significant opportunity for platforms dedicated to promoting and supporting the industry.
  • An online social community focused on clean energy technology can provide a centralized hub for professionals, enthusiasts, investors, and policymakers to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on initiatives.
  • A platform offering enhanced solutions such as business listings, case studies, pitch decks, profiles, investor resources, and more addresses the specific needs of clean energy companies and entrepreneurs.
  • By providing valuable resources, networking opportunities, and visibility, the platform can help drive innovation, attract investment, and accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies.
  • As the clean energy market continues to expand and evolve, there is a growing need for comprehensive platforms that support the industry’s growth and facilitate connections between stakeholders.

Pitch Insights

Problems & Solutions


  • Fragmented Industry
  • Limited Visibility
  • Lack of Resources
  • Difficulty in Connecting


  • Centralized Platform
  • Comprehensive Resources
  • Networking & Collaboration Opportunities
  • Promotion and Visibility

By addressing these problems and providing comprehensive solutions, The Energy Portal can effectively support the growth and advancement of the industry, driving innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

Product or Service Demo

A video demonstration of our products/services in action.

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Business Model

The Energy Portal is built on a Hybrid model that combines subscription services (paid & freemium), advertising and sponsorship, lead generation, affiliate partnerships, event hosting and sponsorship, freemium, direct services, consulting and larger collaborations to provide traffic and revenue.

Phase 2 will include a move to web 3.0 with a more advanced subscription model that will consist of an AI data (The Green Behavior) platform, a financial trading platform for both Blockchain and stock trading, and a consumer model that provides Crypto in exchange for site participation.

Go-to-Market Strategy

The Go-To-Market Strategy for The Energy Portal is a comprehensive one as our target audience in extremely diverse, covers the entire planet and operates at various stages of development.  We approach each sector, market segment, company, agency, government and consumer based on their current level of market penetration, investment and adoption.  Within every vertical we focus on:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Defining our Target Audience
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Platform Development and Testing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Customer Acquisition and Engagement
  • Measuring and Adapting

By following this comprehensive go-to-market strategy, The Energy Portal can effectively launch, promote, and grow its presence within the clean energy industry, driving engagement, collaboration, and innovation among stakeholders.

Technology & IP

The technology (tech) and intellectual property (IP) for The Energy Portal includes:

  • Platform Architecture and Infrastructure
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  • Data Analytics and Insights Platform
  • Content Management and Publishing Tools
  • Networking and Collaboration Features
  • Integration and API Framework
  • AI Infrastructure
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Financial Trading Platform

Overall, the tech and IP for The Energy Portal involves a combination of software development, design, analytics, security, and collaboration tools that collectively enable the platform to deliver value to users and stakeholders while protecting its intellectual property assets.



The Energy Portal is lead by a collective of professionals across 4 industries (marketing & branding, software & AI, product development & crypto & blockchain) with more than 125 years of combined relevant experience.

Financial Projections Available?

YES (we have financial projections available upon request)

Investment Ask & Use of Funds

We are seeking an initial investment of $10m.  Use of investment funds will include and be limited to:

  • Platform Development & Enhancement (30%)
    • Software Licenses
    • AI Integration
    • Blockchain Integration
    • Streaming Platform
  • Business Development & Partnerships (15%)
  • Marketing & Promotion (20%)
  • User Acquisition & Growth (20%)
  • Operational Expenses (10%)
  • Research & Development (5%)
  • Contingency & Reserve (5%)

By allocating funds strategically across these areas, The Energy Portal can optimize its growth trajectory, enhance its value proposition, and achieve its mission of fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainability within the clean energy ecosystem.

Risk & Mitigation

The risk and mitigation strategy for The Energy Portal is outlined as follows:


  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Platform Reliability and Performance
  • Content Quality and Integrity
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • User Engagement and Adoption
  • Market Competition and Disruption
  • Financial and Business


  • Implement robust security measures
  • Implement redundant systems, scalable infrastructure, and proactive monitoring
  • Establish content moderation policies, community guidelines, and user reporting mechanisms & Implement AI-based content analysis tools
  • Stay informed about relevant legal and regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction
  • Develop a comprehensive user engagement strategy, including incentives, gamification, and community-building initiatives
  • Continuously monitor the competitive landscape, industry trends, and emerging technologies
  • Maintain a diversified revenue stream, including subscription fees, advertising, sponsorship, and premium services

By identifying and proactively addressing these risks through comprehensive mitigation strategies, The Energy Portal can enhance resilience, mitigate potential threats, and achieve long-term success in serving the needs of its users and stakeholders.

In Summary

The Energy Portal is positioned to be the premier platform for all things alternative & renewable energy related. With the proper investment of time, resources, capital and development, we will be an irreplaceable data source for all of our partners and across the industry. Consumers and energy businesses will be able to rely on us for their news, information and resources. Governments will be able to utilize our analytical tools as they expand their public private partnerships and increase incentivizing clean energy usage and adoption.

We will help to ensure there is the consumer buy-in & analytics, early adoption and general education that is critical for the world’s transition towards alternative energy & going green.

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