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Green Energy Futures is a multi-media storytelling project that is documenting the clean energy revolution that’s already underway. It tells the stories of inspiring green energy pioneers who are moving forward in their homes, businesses, and communities.

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Green Energy Futures is your guide to the green energy transition already underway.
Green Energy Futures was born out of the realization that in spite of litany of negative energy stories in the media the clean energy revolution is already well underway and progressing much faster than most people realize.

That was 2012, and now it’s almost a decade later and my how things have changed. Bloomberg New Energy Finance is now projecting $13.3 trillion in investment in new power generation by 2050 and that 77 per cent of that investment will go to renewables.

Green Energy Futures has served as a witness to this change and we’ve featured some of the most inspiring leaders of the clean energy movements in our first more than 200 episodes on inspiring people, projects, and technologies.

When we started publishing builders were just starting to embrace net-zero homes and buildings (energy-efficient buildings that use far less energy and produce all of their own energy onsite and a net-annual basis).

Since then we’ve found neighbourhoods of self-powered super efficient buildings such as Echohaven in Calgary, Alberta a neighbourhood developed by a landscape architect who wanted to build an amazing green community.

and the just-opened Blatchford community in Edmonton which is designed to be a carbon-neutral home for up to 30,000 residents in North America’s most northerly big city.

When we began the series solar was more expensive. Since then wind and solar have proven themselves as the cheapest way to generate new electricity.

Dan Balaban started Greengate Power not long before we published our first story on his company building the largest wind project in Canada at a time when the business case was much more challenging. Then his company recently announced they received approval to build the largest solar project in Canadian history in Alberta, unsubsidized.

Sometimes it’s hard to see, but a clear transition has begun to cleaner forms of energy. The inspiration for this series comes from an interest in renewable energy itself and the realization that the desire to use less and more sustainable forms of energy cuts across the political spectrum.

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