A highly-engaging and innovative podcast focusing on renewable energy and the passion behind the movement. Supercharged is a thoughtful journey through sustainability and they "why" behind an integrated lifestyle. Subscribe and listen each week as we chat with thought leaders, influencers and those who simply choose to live a better way!

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We have a vision of the world where home is the beginning and the centre of energy independence. Where transportation is free because it’s powered by the sun and objects you use are intelligent and connected. And since you drive the energy from nature, you give back – by making the most sustainable choices.

Our mission is to speed up the global transition to renewables by providing you with an ecosystem of products and solutions built with care for nature.

We see the ever increasing popularity of ideas based around a new lifestyle – one that is balanced, yet full of emotions and comfort. We aim at supporting your autonomy and freedom, so you can fully focus on what is truly important.

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