Africa Is Home To All Minerals Key To Global Energy Transition, SA President

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Africa Is Home To All Minerals Key To Global Energy Transition, SA President – The demand for sustainable energy continues to increase with each passing year, and those who control it will become increasingly indispensable in our world. The President of South Africa is confident that Africa, endowed with a multitude of minerals, will emerge as the focal point of the global energy transition. In his keynote speech at the commencement of the Investing in Africa Mining Indaba, the largest yearly mining conference on the continent, Cyril Ramaphosa emphasized Africa’s potential to serve as the central point of the global energy transition. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the summit in Cape Town, where investors and mining experts gather from around the globe. Since 1994, the Mining Indaba has been the foremost venue for deal-making and corporate connections within the African mining sector. Ramaphosa stressed the nation’s commitment to achieving a fair energy transition that guarantees energy security and generates new opportunities. “Our Just Energy Transition Investment Plan outlines a pathway to create new industries and support more livelihoods in the green economy,” he explained. Ramaphosa highlighted various challenges confronting the mining industry, such as global commodity price fluctuations, elevated energy costs, and geopolitical tensions. He noted specific issues in South Africa, including an energy crisis and logistical bottlenecks. Despite these hurdles, he expressed determination to collaborate in overcoming them. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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