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Eco Friendly Business Tax Credits and Rebates

Business tax credits and rebates available for companies that adopt eco-friendly practices.
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The Biggest Investors in Alternative Energy

Investors are taking bold steps to support alternative energy sources.
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EPA proposes strict limits on tailpipe emissions to speed up electric vehicle transition

William Brangham: The effort to transition to electric cars is already under way in this country. And almost all automakers ...
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State, Local and Tribal Climate and Energy Programs

Work with state, local and tribal governments to identify and implement cost-effective programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and improve air quality.
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Georgia gives US solar panel manufacturing a big boost with a new factory

Seoul-headquartered PV solar-cell manufacturing giant Q Cells today announced that it’s opening a new solar panel manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia.
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How the White House plans to fast track clean energy permitting

September 14, 2021 – Joe Biden, President of the United States, speaks during a visit the Flatirons Campus of the ...
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Renewable power is set to break another global record in 2022 despite higher costs and supply chain bottlenecks

New capacity for generating electricity from solar, wind and other renewables increased to a record level worldwide in 2021 and will grow further this year ...
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DOE aims to provide $13 million for community geothermal projects

Geothermal district heating and cooling systems use geothermal energy to provide climate control to buildings, including residences and businesses, through ...
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At bioenergy crossroads, should corn ethanol be left in the rearview mirror?

Fifteen years on, research led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison assessed the environmental impacts of corn ethanol and the policy that governs it, using a ...
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Powering the moon: Researchers design microgrid for future lunar base

Sandia National Laboratories is an organization well known for designing reliable and resilient microgrids for military bases and vital city services. Now, Sandia researchers are ...
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