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Loop Gen Charging

Beyond Plug-in Recharging

Electa Motors is introducing an exciting next generation line of electric vehicles that will have multiple recharging options, instead of the only option being plugging into the electric grid. The 2024 E4 will use a revolutionary recharging technology we call “Loop-Gen” charging, along with fuel to electric recharging from our patented Proteus generator. The developing Loop-Gen system incorporates generator/motors on the wheels and a new patent pending circuitry managed by artificial intelligence that regulates the recharging of the vehicle’s battery packs.

Our first generation design uses a stackable 20 KW module that makes 391 ft-lbs of torque. Three modules stacked together (about 12 inches long) will make 60 KW and 1173 ft-lbs of torque. In short, Proteus system will be able to replenish kWs as fast as they are consumed in driving the vehicle. We acknowledge that there’s no such thing as cars having perpetual motion, but our new vehicles will be as close to free energy as can be.