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Writer, Marketing Professional, Business Development Strategist, Event Expert

Born in Detroit MI, but raised in Pittsburgh, PA, I graduated with a BA in Economics from Bucknell University ‘92.  While attending Bucknell I played football and ran track for the Bison.  Upon graduating I started my 1st company, a mobile vehicle and commercial services company, operating in VA, DC, and MD where at the age of 23 I was able to employ 16 and served some of the regions’ largest fleets and marinas.  After some time, I sold the business to my partner and began working in corporate America where I worked with several large companies, including May Company, AT&T and First Data, primarily in corporate B2B and B2b sales.

Over the past 20 plus years, I have worked as a full-time software and marketing & event consultant, where I have been entrusted to introduce interactive as well as software-based solutions and systems that actively enhance the day-to-day operations, sales, marketing, and customer interaction of my clients.  With clients from prestigious organizations such as the NBA, NFL, celebrities and even a small country, I have implemented solutions for every market size.

As an author, I am proud to have written and contributed to several online blogs and other outlets, and I am happy to announce the recent release of my book, “Where Do I Go From Here?” – A Guide To Business & Life.  It is currently available online and on Amazon and it serves as a first step and in your face guide to creating the life and business you desire.

I currently serve as CSO of R4 Media, Marketing & Consulting LLC an agency that specializes in providing automated marketing tools and software for businesses, coaches, consultants and any business with a heavy need for frequent client (or member) engagement.  I work closely with companies and their Sr. level marketing teams to implement sales campaigns, online contests, develop online micro communities and mobile apps, online coaching platforms, inward and outward facing CRMs as well as provide extensive front-end and back-end software solutions to improve daily operations.

I have worked closely with data driven solutions, A.I. based software, blockchain technology companies and data analytic endeavors.  In the upcoming months, I am proud to announce the launch of several initiatives and joint ventures that will bring exciting new projects into the sustainable energy sector (theenergyportal.com) and film industries. They will both be the premiere and singular source for all things related to their relevant sectors including but not limited to Digital Transformation, Information Insecurity, Compliance and Financial equality across all demographics.

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