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Using Data To Empower Communities and Support Businesses

A Paradigm Shift In Value

The digital transformation has positioned society closer to a dual economic structure in which the value of contextual data will increase tremendously.

People and communities are recognized as consumers and target markets even though they are the true producers of the contextual data that is used to innovate existing infrastructure and support emerging markets.

Community data creates valuable feedback for industries in marketplaces but without ‘data sovereignty’ individuals are unable to maximize the benefits they are able to get from their own data.

Technology is rapidly transforming our economy but we aren’t prioritizing humanity’s well-being in that process.

  • Rampant Data Theft
    Data theft surges as companies and non-profits extract data without providing value in return.
  • AI Job Displacement
    As technology threatens 300 million jobs, individuals need tools to thrive in the changing landscape.
  • Current linear data lacks context
    We’re unable to solve macro challenges because we lack micro insights

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