Thought AI, Energy Partner

Date Established: 28/06/2016

Thought AI is Building the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Our solutions drive innovation by being self aware, learning, secure, monetized, and massively scalable for current and future business needs.

The Thought AI Vision

Thought AI was founded with the vision of how we interact with an intelligent connected world by making all digital information “smart.” Our approach changes how we interact with digital systems for a more valuable and helpful customer experience 

About Our Team

Since its inception, Thought AI has grown into a global organization of world-class developers, entrepreneurs, security experts, scientists, and industry leaders to build on this vision and bring transformative, intelligent, and connected technology to business.

Our Capabilities

Thought AI’s innovations are supported by strong intellectual property creating self-aware software agents as the basis for our novel solutions. These innovations provide helpful services with little to no development, oversight, or maintenance. Present in over five countries, UK, Estonia, Nigeria, US, and India, we’re helping launch real-world AI solutions worldwide.

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Software, AI Development, Project Consulting

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